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Tara's Notebook

8 years later...encouragement in the waiting.

hey friend,

I want to encourage you in the waiting. over 8 years ago we moved our commercial pie baking kitchen to giddings texas. see the cafe was too small to keep up and we had to out source our pies to other companies to make our pie shells, mail order and dense pies. we learned so much in this. we would drive to Waller and Houston to pick the pies up weekly. when something didn’t get made, we couldn’t do anything about it. when it wasn’t right, we would have to be without product. the time came for us to take out the middle man and steward this gift God had given us. the pies are what drive the people to our businesses and a chance for us to shine Jesus. the pies are a vessel of love.

anyways, rick and i were talking to a close family friend and customer and we asked, “if you have any real estate, we need a space to bake our pies.” well, he quickly responded, “actually, I do.” He was kind enough to outfit the building for us and buy all the equipment and let us stay there for 2 years, rent free. that was 8 years ago. it was a beautiful partnership. we had high hopes. we wanted to grow the wholesale business, I had plans to drive there often and create new product. that never happened. what happened was better. I see that now. a beautiful space was created, systems were built and the pie business continued to grow in round top.

now we have moved that space to brenham, 5 minutes from our home. I go weekly to bake. it feels like home. it feels so right. I can bake up an idea and try new things. our wholesale business is growing too. it doesn’t happen over night, but if it’s His will, it will happen. keep showing up through the waiting, the trials and disappointments, He is faithful.

tara royer steele