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how I get's my top favs!!



eventually you have to stop & rest.  the kind of stuck i’m talking about here is in our daily routine, where we keep pouring out and don’t stop to be filled back up…or we keep going through the motions and know this is not who we were created to be. or relationships.  oh boy, can they get me stuck…so, here are some of my fav things & hope they work for you!!!

  1. brain dump…nothing that makes sense.  don’t worry about punctation either!!  just spill out 3 pages of randomness.  thoughts.  frustrations.  praises.  get it all out!! phew that felt good.

  2. do you have a quiet space, in your home, just for you?  a place you can go & be still.  a comfy chair, blanket, diffusing peace & calming.  quiet music in the background?  just you, your bible, journal and pen.  no phone!!! well, that’s just is best for me, i love the bible app but the phone is a distraction and i can’t stay focused.  oh, if you don’t, won’t you create it? it doesn’t need to be big.  ask The Lord to tell you what to write, watch the words just pour out.  or type out. 

    3.  favorite music to worship to.  bethel spontaneous worship, christy nockels lullabies, steffany gretzinger, the undoing.  sit in your quiet space you’ve created and worship Him.  don’t worry, you can dance and scream, nobody is watching.

    4. make it a priority.  put the time on your schedule every day, on your phone calendar or planner, set an alarm, just like you do for getting a pedicure!!…put you first, you’re worth it…you need it to do the rest of the day & be the best for you and your people.  when i get up and spend time in the word our morning goes so much smoother!! put your oxygen mask on first!  


    get still to get unstuck...xo


tara royer steele