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my favorite pie crust hack

i’ve always baked a pie with crisco.  always.  there isn’t a why, except, we didn’t have a recipe &  knew nothing about pie crusts when a friend from church gave us her grandma’s recipe 30 years ago.  pie is what started us on this path & no need to fix what’s not broken.  ok, but the one ding dang thing i hate about it is the dirty measuring cup!  haha.  i hate cleaning greasy measuring cups!  yes, i’m the girl that doesn’t love lotions on her hands.  i have no idea why and i haven’t done enough therapy to figure it out.  anyways, here’s a little taste of one of my favorite pie hacks, line the measuring cup with a paper towel, scoop the crisco on top of the paper towel and it plops right out!! clean measuring cup.  the funniest thing about this whole story is, i learned it at a wilton’s cake decorating class when i was 10! 

y’all enjoy and go bake a pie!

tara royer steele