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Tara's Notebook

about last week...5/14-5/20

a new week and a new idea...i have this clear slate to talk about what happened last week, a recap of all the blessings.  a way for me, to go back and see alllll the goodness.  

monday was not fun.  let's just start there.  5 shots in my mouth for a tooth.  GOD BLESS.  why don't they offer laughing gas anymore?  rick was in the waiting room and i texted him about the shots and that i was shaking & wished he was with me.  so grateful he came along to drive me home and spend a little quality time together in the car & some tortilla soup.  life has changed a lot over the last 2 years and drastically in the last year.  we used to ride to work together, stand next to each other at the grill cooking food all day, but now we go in separate directions, fulfilling God's plan for our lives.  my love languages have changed over the last few years too & quality time is now up at the top.  do you know what your love language is?  gifts, words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch or acts of service (that's still mine!!!).  

well, tuesday was a great day of meeting with shannon hemmitt, she's the new catering director at the cafe.  this was my first week of not having that title.  it was a big change, but know that God has a plan.  pretty sure it's even better than i can imagine.  later on i had lunch with my favorite podcast girls, kristi and merritt.  we hadn't seen each other in 3 weeks and it was like a high school reunion.  we caught up on allllll the crazy goodness & started to plan our first brave dinner.  it's june 16th, y'all keep watch.  it's going to be the best!!!!

hump day.  oh it was a doozy.  like started in carline doozy.  i had set the day aside to do my first, real writing assignment & had asked God for clarity and what he wanted to say through me.  oh boy, there might have been bouts of sobbing, face plants on the ground in prayer and more bouts of sobbing.  let's just say that by 8:30pm my eyes still burned and just wanted to close.  the words for the bible study poured out and God used that morning to spread his goodness.  can't wait to share more about this with y'all!!  stay tuned.  the girls came over for bible study and it was the best.  we are almost done with lisa whittle's, put your warrior boots on, it's a good one.  it's hard work but a great study to follow!  go grab your friends and just start.

thursday, was a day we had been waiting for!!  soul book for kids!  125 4th graders from krause elementary gathered to make soul books.  books that they can put things they always want to remember in.  if we could get truths in front of kids at this early stage of life, i believe it would be life changing.  life is hard and it's only getting harder with relationships and social media.  so many distractions and  layers that the world adds.  it was an amazing time for the kids to engage in truths for 2 hours!!  can't wait 'til the next one.  if you're interested, please let us know!!

friday came and i wanted to just rest.  i see so much to do, but i need to be alone.  sit in quiet or do something to fill me back up.  so i cleaned my car.  really cleaned my car and it felt so good, ya know?  what is something that you can do for  you to fill back up?  what feels like self respect?  painting my toe nails could be next.  

sunday i had an opportunity to go help some friends reach the homeless on the streets of houston.  i met linda and she was so tired and weary, and just wanted to end her life because she saw it as easier.  she said she had planned on going to the highway and just end it.   we prayed and i knew that's exactly where i was supposed to be.  then there was jill.  sweet jill just wanted someone to listen to hear her story. she's so excited about the chance to have a place of her own, she's hoping the city housing authority will approve her today.   i told her i would be back and she said she was going to write her name on the column if she had gotten her place so i could see.  oh what a beautiful time.  thank you Father for these sweet ladies.

the week was full of hard, hard stuff & i got stuck a time or two, i grieved some of it and need to grieve a bit more, but i'm not going to stay stuck, because that's not who i am.  i'm a child of God and i CANNOT fail because of that.  




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