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next soul book class!!

we are so excited about this!! soul work and art is one of our favorite things. first, we must take time for us and we know that going to a camp for a week isn't easy, but you can definitely make it happen for one day! a day to invest in you. to remember what your soul needs to hear. come with your husband or kids, we can order ones that are specific to them too! make it a family day of loving, sharing and connecting. march 3rd, from 10am to 4pm we will gather at our home and share, encourage, love and build each other up, instead of divide. we will provide all needed to make your own soul book, art supplies, lunch and snacks. we have a very limited space and can't wait for y'all to come. when you sign up, we will send the address. cost $75

visit our website, to sign up!!




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tara royer steele