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Tara's Notebook

The Gathering at Round Top, Fall 2019

It all started as a dream. a gathering in round top, texas during the TEXAS ANTIQUES WEEKS SHOW. It's an amazing place, full of creatives, makers, sisters, brothers and dreamers, GOD has been building an army. He build a dream at Royers Pie Haven, to create a safe place for men & women to encourage, support, love one another. we picked during the ANTIQUE SHOW because so many gather in our small town and try to see each other, but we know hard it is to get up and down 237, so why not create an event to bring us all together. It's something that fuels us through the show, an amazing time before to carry us through the middle until the end. 

So won't you join us for an evening under the clear TEXAS skies, during TEXAS ANTIQUES WEEKS, AMAZING PRAISE & WORSHIP, friends bringing THE WORD, a yummy dinner, snacks, drinks & lots of surprises!

Book signings start at 5:30pm & everything else kicks off at 6pm!!


Debbie Forest Byrd will be there to lead praise & worship, we are so excited!! She has been with us since the beginning.

Becky Kiser of Sacred Holidays! I adore this girl. She is the real deal. Her book came out last year and is wonderful, it's all about savoring Jesus in all holidays!! less chaos and more Jesus. She will be out early to sign her book tooo!

KariAnn Lessner oh y’all will love this one. We met on the inter webs, did a podcast together and have stuck together since. She shows up and loves BIG…she has a podcast too, You Brew You.

Sarah Martin THIS girl. SHE GLOWS WITH JOY FOR JESUS. She is a vibrant speaker and author and I know y'all will be alive after she shares!!

Tara Royer Steele owner of Royers Pie Haven and new Author, yep, it hasn't come out! Podcast, Jesus, Pie and Coffee, yep another surprise!! Loves to gather people through Jesus, Pie and Coffee

there are so many more exciting things, but i want to keep them a surprise!!

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tara & the grace gang

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