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Texas Antiques Weeeeek!! My favorite things & all the details!!

I remember when the original texas antique show was 3 days & at one venue, the rifle hall. emma lee turney started it all. it was always the first full weekend in April or October. we would close on Sunday, after a busy weekend and go see joy jewell and she would lavish us with candles and potpourri. we would walk through the hall and say hi to everyone and find any last minute treasure.

some of those dealers are still setting up today…others have gone to see Jesus face to face. antique week is now 3 weeks long, spans over 20 miles and over 3000 vendors. it is like spring break for adults & a family reunion for us. now, I know i’m not going to share everything about the show because most of the time we never leave our porches, but i’ll send you in the right directions. but, i’m going to share my favorite things about antique week…

of course, I would say eat at royers round top cafe for every meal, because, wellll, there are enough amazing things on the menu!! Eating at the cafe isn’t all about the food, it’s about the whole experience. the oldies music on the porch, the hay bales for resting your tired feet, cold beer & wine on the honor system & my dad still perched in his chair hollering out names of new & old. you walk through the red screen door & you see my brother jb first, he hugs you and says, “hey beautiful”, even when you feel like you are stinky and covered in dirt. or my other brother todd, who gives you a side hug and a sweet smile. of course, there’s shannon, angie, lindsey, kellie, brandy, kelli, holly, payton, they have been there for years, loyal and have & will continue to leave a lasting mark on the history of the cafe. it’s crowded, loud, full of anticipation & you are seated with guests you don’t even know, of course, y’all share a common bond, a love for round top. you order a favorite, like the grilled shrimp Blt on a sourdough hoagie, smokey mesquite mustard, grilled shrimp, thick country bacon, lettuce, tomato & red onions or the shrimp & grits. you know that from the kitchen window, Jamie-len, Audrey, Bobbi & Cyndi & Chica will pour their heart and soul into the meal. it’s a mind game to cook during the show…ticket after ticket keeps popping up, the grill is full of glorious meat & you have 30 minutes to kick out food for 75 people…I loved it. back to the food, you eat all the rolls with herb butter & applesauce butter , lick your plate & are stuffed, but you have to have pie. a buffet of flaky crusts filled with handmade comfort. trish and anne start early & bake all day for the show…200-250 pies a day between royers pie haven and the cafe. anyways, if it’s before 7pm, make sure to head over to royers pie haven for pie, it’s our sister store & a completely different sensory experience. if not, sit a little longer at the cafe & enjoy the pie…remember my dad has a timer if you’re taking too long :).

ps you have to make reservations for dinner, call 979-249-3611 for a seat! lunch is same day priority seating, so call after 10am to get on the list. for all the details, visit here!!

ok, now let’s talk about royers pie haven. open 7:30am to 7pm beginning march 20th! coffee & all the fixings, heehaw savory pie-bacon, egg, cheddar, sausage, onions & jalapeño a herb crust, muffins & scones for breakfast! of course, for lunch we have more savory pies, like chicken margherita pizza pie & tara’s mexican chicken salad wrap…and, pie. lots of pie to sit and rest under the big oak trees, pie to fuel you to keep going! take a break from shopping and join us for live music on April 4th with aubrie lynn music & April 6th with jackie darlene.

haven hours.jpg

let’s chat about the gathering at round top, it’s my favorite night during the show, march 29th at royers pie haven…a gathering of women & men to love, encourage & build each other up. a chance to sit at the feet of Jesus and be filled up spiritually and physically. oh I sure hope you come!! read all about it here!!!

just a few more things…

  1. the new amazing magnolia pearl at the farmloft in round top, off 237…tell Darwa hi! she’s done an amazing job!

  2. of course, go say hi to my sisters at junk gypsy and don’t miss prom at zapp hall (ps they have great music & royers food)…it’s one of the best sight seeing events everrrr…

  3. y’all wonder where I find my favorite dance pants? head on over to spellbound collections, right across from Darwa on 237!

  4. visit the boneyard, it’s a great new field with the barn wood builders!! and, hug one of my favorite sisters, the bake shoppe & cafe!

  5. you know who has the best up to date info about the show? the round top chamber & round top texas life & style, the best guide to the show, when venues open & up to date cancellations for places to stay!

  6. I haven’t been yet, but i’m excited about the opening of Etienne market & Richard Schmidt Jewelry & studio! y’all let me know how amazing it is!!

  7. I love shopping market hill (hug ender, leftovers antiques & Don & Marta Orwig), the fields of blue hills, the arbors & walking the fields of Warrenton. y’all have fun!!!!

  8. Don’t forget to visit to visit true blue home, leftovers antiques too!



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