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Tara's Notebook

the gathering at round top, fall 2018

I'm so excited for the Fall Gathering at Round Top!  So many wonderful changes, first one, we moved it to a Friday!  hopefully more of y'all can come!!! 

don't y'all just love the line up? 

For where two or three are gathered in my name, i am there. matthew 18:20

It all started as a dream. a gathering in round top. It's an amazing place, full of creatives, makers, sisters, brothers and dreamers. GOD has truly been building a tribe. A place for men & women to encourage one another. to support one another. To love one another. we picked during the ANTIQUE SHOW because so many gather in our small town and try to see each other, and we know hard it is to get up and down 237, so why not create an event to bring us all together. And it ended up being so good, that we decided to do it twice a year! 

An evening under the clear skies, during ANTIQUE WEEK, fabulous swag bags, AMAZING PRAISE & WORSHIP & yummy dinner, snacks & drinks.


Debbie Forrest Byrd will be there to lead praise & worship, she's been with us since the start!

Bailey Jo Simpson, oh sweet Bailey Jo, one day she reached out and asked if she could share her story, of course!!!  she is soft, gentle and has a servants heart.  I  know she will bring so much goodness for us.

Bud, The Pieman, Royer well, i'm pretty excited about this!!! it's my dad and we have a beautiful story of restoration.

Jeanne Oliver oh i love this story!  i've followed Jeanne for a long time, we meet in the real world a year ago and i'll let her share her story of coming to Round Top, the main thing is, JESUS alll the way!

Alisha Munden-this sister!  well, you got a snippet of her last gathering, and i can't wait to hear the word God gives her!

Barbara Collins-we met through pie, pie opened the door for love, encouragement and support!! can't wait to hear what she has to share with us!!

Plus come early and stay late for a book signing with Jeanne Oliver!!

tickets are $38 through 8/15 then are $42 after that.  here's the link!

Follow along on Instagram for details, @graceupongracegirl


Tara Royer Steele

PS...if you'd like to donate or sponsor this event or have any questions, email, we would love for y'all to partner alongside us!!


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tara royer steele