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y’all, i’m so overjoyed to share one of God’s biggest dream!! i’ve been talking about a podcast for quite awhile, different ideas, chatted with different friends about what it should look like.  i believed that there were plenty of podcasts out there and no room for me.  well, God lead us here.  let me tell you a little about these two sisters on the brave collective.  first, never saw this coming.second, i’ve been in circles with these girls but truly didn’t get to know until the last two years.  about when God started shifting my life.  anyways, kristi & i had always wanted to meet but we never were in the same place or believed the lies that we weren’t the same people and couldn’t be in the same circle!!! you’ll have to listen to our first podcast to see how we met!! on to Merritt, oh man.  she is that sister that can pray.  she has lead prayers at all The Gatherings at Round Top & that truly was the extent of our relationship.  i believed she was too smart for me & definitely knew more Jesus than me, so we couldn’t be close.  Lies again.(that’s another story, The Brave Gathering is where i learned to smooooosh lies).  anyways, Merritt approached me about a podcast.  me.  someone i didn’t think i was good enough to be around.  isn’t God awesome??? ok, these episodes are raw and real.  haha!! Abbie is the best & makes us sound good! sooooo, head on over to itunes and subscribe and enjoy gathering in a circle with a group of sisters that only God brought together. and, if you want to leave a review we won’t be sad!! xoxoxoxoxox

merritt, tara and kristi

merritt, tara and kristi

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