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christmas spirit pie! tart and tangy & cooking class at susie davis's home

recently i had the privilege to teach a pie baking class at susie davis's home.  she has been such an encourager to me.  we met through pie.  she emailed the cafe in 2016 about catering her daughter sara's wedding and through that i was able to get to know her.  to have a deep relationship.  one of truths, love and encouragement.  the night (nov. 16) of the wedding i stood at the on the grass watching will davis (the daddy) dance with her daughter and turned into a blubbering mess.  susie came and asked if i was ok, and i pretty much threw up a lot of words, feelings and snot.  (ps my dad and i have the best relationship we have ever had now!!)  through that vulnerable moment a connection was made.  she invited me to be on her podcast & then to be the first to gather and teach in her new home.  what a gift.  she brings wise knowledge and helps me grow deeper with Christ.  all because of pie.  i hope that y'all enjoy this recipe, it reminds me of my granny's cranberry bread.  be sure to add some whipped cream or ice cream, it cuts the tartness.  merry christmas!

slice christmas spirit.jpg
love,  tara



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