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Jesus, Pie & Coffee with Susie Davis

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Today I visit with one of my favorite spiritual mamas, Susie Davis! What is a spiritual mama you ask?! I sure hope you will listen and find out! We visit about opening the doors to gather around the table, our absolutely favorite thing to do, and some of our go to recipes. One of Susie’s is her Amish Bread, it reminds her of those that are closest to her. Oh carbs, we talk carbs and the book Weigh Down. Susie shocks me with her favorite coffee place & I just might try it. We chat about her book, Dear Daughters and her newest book, The Grace Guide, coming out in April 2020. Oh and something new, Soul Care weekends, at Susie’s house. Come on, let’s go!!!! Susie sharing about God, resting on her comfy couches and the best food. Who wouldn’t go? Grab your favorite coffee mug, pull up and chair and join us!

PS "Cakes are fancy-ass, honey. Pie is home."

- Idella Johnson, Veteran Pie Baker, as quoted in

Classic Home Desserts

by Richard Sax, Chapters Publishing Ltd, 1994

You can find all about Susie over at!!

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